The Phantom Friends EPK

We are The Phantom Friends, an Indie, Alternative Progressive Rock band from Charlotte, NC.

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About The Phantom Friends

The Phantom Friends were formed in Charlotte in 2017. A group of friends and roommates came together after being in various acts over 15 years. With the blending of Prog, Alternative, Pop, 80’s dance, and free-verse style writing we have welded together songs we’d love to share with you. We like to push the boundaries of songwriting and mix multiple styles when we can. Anything music – we love it all. We enjoy plating up something familiar that audiences will enjoy while being injected with exciting new twists and sounds that will take the listener on a unique adventure. 

The band made a name for itself with an impressive level of energy that showcases the musical strengths of each of the four members at every performance. The band features Richie Gaiser on the lead vocals and guitar with Dominic Birckbichler on the harmonies and bass, with Harrison Saunders on the drums and Matt Wilson on the Synth, Vocals and Auxiliary guitar.

During the past few years, The Phantom Friends have taken part in countless festivals and events, routinely sharing the stage with both national and international acts. Of course, during this difficult time, The Phantom Friends have also done everything they can to help out the local community, including helping with fundraisers and events. They have remained active throughout quarantine and the pandemic by turning to writing and content creation to keep their own sanity as well as aid in the assistance of others.

“The Phantom Friends are a high-energy, Charlotte-based indie rock act that brings heavy hooks and vivacious rhythms to the forefront. The Phantom Friends blend synthesizers and guitars as leading instruments with a breakneck rhythms section that propels their tracks forward. Their latest effort, “Catch The Feeling” is a catchy pop track that gradually unravels into confined chaos– with snarling guitar, arpeggiated synths, and booming drum breaks. Tracks like “Catch The Feeling” help to encapsulate The Phantom Friend’s infectious live energy, something that’s hard to accomplish for many musicians but feels effortless for these Charlotte rockers.” – Grant Golden, CLTure

 SPECIAL THANKS  Grindhaus Studios, Jason Jett, Rob Tavaglione, Catalyst Records, Rookie Pics, Randy Savage, Sriracha, Birdsong, Miller Lite, Taco Bell and Liquid Death.